ECHOES OF GROWTH:A Decade of Reflection and Transformation

Discover Echoes of Growth Poetry Book, a captivating collection that takes you on a profound journey of personal growth and self-discovery. Through two distinct parts written a decade apart, explore the author's evolution from youth to maturity. These heartfelt poems delve into themes of love, pain, regret, and resilience, echoing emotions across time. Dive into this thought-provoking poetic exploration, a must-read for those connecting with life's transformative moments.

Realms Beyond the Ordinary: An Anthology of Odd Tales

Realms Beyond the Ordinary is my debut collection of short fiction, offering immersive mini-worlds of mystery, suspense, and exploration.
From sci-fi to gothic horror, these tales delve into the human experience, as ordinary individuals confront extraordinary challenges, testing their psyches and beliefs in unique ways.
Each self-contained story contributes to a unified theme throughout the anthology, leaving lasting impressions that linger well after the book's closure.
Join me in exploring worlds that may mirror or twist your reality, and embark on a journey that's both satisfying and surprising.


Hey there!
I'm G .D. Naschtz, a writer who's always had a deep love for crafting words, be it in the form of poetry or short stories.
Finally, in 2023, I decided to take the leap and share my creations with all of you. I'm truly excited to have you join me on this literary journey, and I hope my poetry book and anthology bring you inspiration.